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Source Naturals EDTA 500 mg capsules...

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Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), dibasic calcium, phosphate, colloidal silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

Suggested Use: 2 capsules per day for 5 days followed by 9 days off. Repeat the two week cycle up to 3 times then discontinue use for at least 30 days. Take on an empty stomach with at least 12 ounces of water. Supplement with a multi-mineral including calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium such as Source Naturals Life Minerals during off days.

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Source Naturals EDTA 500 mg capsules...

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History Of EDTA Chelation Therapy

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is an amino acid first used in the 1940's for treatment of heavy metal poisoning. It is widely recognized as effective and is approved by the FDA for that use as well as certain others, including emergency treatment of hypercalcemia and the control of ventricular arrhythmias associated with digitalis toxicity.
Studies by the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council in the late 1960's indicated that EDTA was also considered possibly effective in the treatment of occlusive vascular disorders caused by arteriosclerosis.
Internet articles and medical books are full of documented evidence of EDTA's ability to remove toxic metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic from the human body and also its ability to clear arteries of plaque. The quickest way for EDTA to work is through intravenous EDTA therapy. IV administration of EDTA is expensive and does carry some risks. Many also find it uncomfortable.
Oral chelation, taking EDTA capsules, takes longer than intravenous therapy, but can accomplish the same results as IV therapy. Additionally oral chelation is remarkable inexpensive; doesn't have the risks associated with IV therapy; and is much more convenient.
What Is EDTA Chelation Therapy?
Chelation is a chemical process in which a substance is used to bind molecules, such as metals or minerals, and hold them tightly so they can be removed from a system, such as the body. In medicine, chelation has been scientifically proven to rid the body of excess or toxic metals. For example, a person who has lead poisoning may be given EDTA chelation therapy. The EDTA tightly binds to the lead at the molecular level throughout the body. Then the EDTA bound lead is naturally flushed from the body before it can cause damage.
Some traditional physicians and alternative medicine practitioners recommend EDTA chelation as a safe way to also clear the human body of arterial plaque without the use of expensive and sometimes dangerous prescription medications.
Many who claim to have benefited from EDTA chelation frequently compare it to "Roto-Rooter" for the cardiovascular system, because it removes plaque and returns the arterial system to a smooth, healthy, pre-atherosclerotic state. A better metaphor might be "Liquid-Plumr", because, where Roto-Rooter violently scrapes deposits off the interior surfaces of your plumbing with a rapidly rotating blade, Liquid-Plumr simply dissolves them away over a period of time.
More About Arterial Plaque:
As we age, cholesterol, calcium, and other minerals accumulate on the inside lining of our arteries, and over time, clog them. This process is referred to variously as hardening of the arteries, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, and arterial plaque buildup. To ignore it can be exceedingly dangerous, possibly resulting in a heart attack or stroke.
When excessive plaque buildup occurs and the arteries become partially or completely blocked, sufficient amounts of blood do not reach the body's tissues, which become starved for the oxygen and the nutrients they need, as well as overburdened with the cellular wastes they need to get rid of. Consequently, these tissues do not function optimally; worse yet, they may become dysfunctional and may even die. Examples of this type of vascular insufficiency are coronary (heart) artery disease, which can culminate in a heart attack, and peripheral vascular disease, seen in many diabetics, which can lead to pain or numbness of the feet, and even amputation in some cases (especially if one seeks conventional medical treatment).
Plaque Buildup Is Everywhere In The Body:
It is important to recognize that hardening of the arteries is not just a localized or segmental disease. It does not affect only one part of the body at a time. If your coronary arteries are clogged with plaque, it's a sure bet that the arteries in your brain (the site of strokes), kidneys, lungs, eyes, sex organs, and other vital organs may be in a similar state. But there is something that can be done to prevent additional plaque buildup and to reduce existing plaque.
Can EDTA Dissolve Plaque Away?
For decades now, many Americans have used EDTA therapy as an alternative to expensive statins and other prescription medications to improve blood flow and relieve symptoms associated with atherosclerotic disease. It is claimed EDTA chelation helps remove undesirable calcium and other minerals that promote plaque formation, and even blood clots. When plaque is cleared throughout the vessels of the body, other organs besides the heart may also benefit. One such reported benefit of EDTA oral chelation is the dissolving of kidney stones.
If you decide that oral EDTA chelation is the right therapy for you, please consider the following...     
The good news is that the FDA does not require a prescription for EDTA. However, there are several forms of EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) on the market and not all are effective in removing arterial plaque. Unfortunately some companies have even been known to package the magnesium form of EDTA used in agriculture, and sell it for human use.
Source Naturals brand EDTA is an amino acid, EDTA disodium chelate. This is one of the most readily absorbed forms of EDTA. It is acid resistant and passes through the stomach (without being absorbed) into the small intestine where it is safely absorbed into the blood stream.
Source Naturals brand EDTA is Manufactured in their own state-of-the-art FDA Registered Facility using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) assuring correct potencies, freshness, quality and purity. Source Naturals makes, packages, and ships from the same facility. No multi-level marketing expenses that cause other brands to cost many times more... all orders securely processed by the nation's largest nutritional Internet retailer 
                               The highest quality EDTA at manufacturer direct discount pricing...
         Due to its safety, the FDA does not require a prescription for EDTA purchases in the U.S.
       Information contained on this site is for your information only and is no substitute for medical advice received from your physician.
               If you suspect that you have arteriosclerosis or any other medical condition, please seek professional medical attention.
         We make no guarantees as to the benefits possible or results achieved from using EDTA therapy to treat any medical condition.